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Music and art are both my passion. I am constantly pursuing new ways to combine my hobbies, or to influence others with my work whether it is collaboration, idea generation, or simply for enjoyment. Art, whether it is visual or auditory, has a profound impact on an individual's sense of happiness, relaxation, or content. We can feel countless emotions inspired by the works we set before ourselves. My goal is to establish myself as an artist, in whatever way I choose to express myself at the time, and to build a community of like-minded individuals. 

Guitar, Vocals, Painting, Drawing

Oil Paints

My favorite medium, by far, is Oil Paints. I love how easy it is to manipulate the paint and see how differently it reacts to each surface it is painted on. 


The Studio


The studio puppy

Buzz will double check all of my works with extra sniffs. He is the studio inspector!  He is always around - roaming under the table, sleeping by my chair,  patiently waiting for me with his toy, or sniffing too close to wet paints for my comfort. 

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